Torah Glory Joy

*Please take a moment to read… the blog below…It’s powerful….. thought provoking and life changing..
In the midst of pain and hurt we sometimes just don’t understand why things happen but we must know there’s comforter in Jesus who’s waiting to walk with us through it all but that’s not all. He’s willing to carry the burden and load because he knows we can’t carry it alone. Yesterday Shaun said something that’s so true. Death is so difficult because that was never the original design or plan at the beginning of the creation of the world. Now there using their tragedy to bring others closer to and in relationship with the creator… Continue to pray for this family as they share their faith and strength through this difficult trial.

Torah Glory Joy


With great sadness and sorrow I share this…

Just over two weeks ago, on Wednesday June 24th around 5:45pm we unexpectedly lost our baby girl, Torah.  I found her unresponsive after trying to wake her from a nap.  We immediately administered CPR, as did the medics when they arrived on scene, but we were not able to resuscitate her.

She was only two months and eight days old.  We are still in utter shock and disbelief.

Our hearts ache and hurt with the deepest of pain we have ever felt.  There have been moments, minutes, and hours of pure agony; tears that seemingly flood our eyes without ceasing.  Shaun and I hurt for each other and for each one of our children.

This is the hardest thing we’ve ever had to face as a family.  We’ve been clinging to God for strength and comfort; and, through it all we’re seeing…

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