Forgiveness can really change someone’s life and draw them closer to Christ.

With that I’ve watched Les Miserables twice when it first came out after getting the DVD for my wife because she enjoyed it and I fell a sleep on it both times we watched it. I remember the first time watching it I asked my wife five minutes in will they be singing like this the whole time because I hope not it’s making my head hurt. She said yes and I was like oh no lol and I fell a sleep after 15 minutes in.

Well yesterday I actually watched it seriously with my bride without falling a sleep and just couldn’t stop thinking about the love of Christ and just how one-act of forgiveness can change the world and the story to someone’s life. When Jean Valjean was homeless needing someone to take him in it was the Bishop who took on that burden to cloth, house and feed him. Valjean out desperation took items of value from the Bishop and fled which would cause trust issues, bitterness and unforgiveness. But when Valjean was caught and brought back to the bishop by the police the bishop denied him taking the items even given him more than he had taken.

That one-act of forgiveness changed the course of Valjeans life drawing him closer to Christ and it changed the life of Fantine, Javert and Cosette to include the people Valjean was the Mayor of during his time and it all started with the Bishop displaying the love of Christ through his forgiveness.. I could write more about the love of a mother willing to do anything for their child displayed in Fantine. I could write more about the duty Javert felt like he had to do believing he was doing truly the right thing reminding me of Saul before he became Paul and I could write more about Cosette a girl in desperate need to be loved after losing her mother. I could write more about a group of people wanting and desiring fairness and a better way of life from those who oppressed them. I could write more about a group of wealthy young men who were willing to stand against oppression against the will of their wealthy family. But what speaks to me the most from a story with several stories. Is the Christ like act of forgiveness. Reminding me just how impact full forgiveness can be.

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