It wasn’t the apostles or Jesus closest crew James, John or Peter or a man who first got to see the resurrected Christ. No it was Mary Magdalene a women who after experiencing healing and deliverance devoted her life completely to Christ a woman who stayed by his side even after the crucifixion when others abandoned him.

A woman who showed by her actions and willingness to follow JESUS support JESUS financially and weep for JESUS showed how grateful she was for JESUS and all the things he had done for her willing to give and risk it all letting nothing keep her from or away from JESUS and what a gift she received by JESUS for being committed to JESUS by being the first to see and experience the RESURRECTED JESUS.

The question is are we as grateful for OUR deliverance from JESUS that would allow us to experience JESUS the way Mary experienced JESUS? Are we willing to follow him with the same passion and as vigorously as Mary M after he delivered us? What can compare to a woman of God devotion? What can compare to a woman that’s willing to sacrifice it all for Jesus one who isn’t willing to deny her Christ not even once let alone three times out of pressure or fear for her own life? What a woman JESUS saving grace and power displayed in Mary Magdalene.




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