No Longer Slaves of Fear

Here’s an encouraging word by my daughter on fear!!! Be blessed!!

Through God's Eyes


1. to be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening.

FEAR. It holds us back from God’s plans for us. It weighs us down to the ground. Why does fear have such a strong hold on us? As Christians we should have no fear because there is no fear in God and he in us.  Will we let fear enslave us or allow God’s unfailing love to engulf us?

John hits deep with this passage.   He is going to tell us TRUTH as it is, he’s not sugar coating it. John says that when we fear we are not allowing God’s perfect love to reach us. We are not in that perfect love God is giving us.

There’s a lot of fear going on around in this world. Fear of where we are headed politically, fear of death, fear of each…

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