Being a selfish leader (husband/father) of a family can truly destroy Gods purpose and plan for your family and can even destroy it as well as being passive. If you truly look at Lots family that’s exactly what happened. He placed his family right in the middle of temptation/ ungodliness for the notoriety and wealth of Sodom which ended up destroying his family. God had already saved Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah through Abraham after he was captured but he went right back settling his family there. The temptation was so great after they were forced to leave that Lot’s wife was so enticed by the life style they were living, even in the midst of the ungodliness she looked back and it cost her the life and future that was ahead of her. As husbands and fathers we can learn a lot from Lot in regards to surrounding our family around preventable temptation.

That fancy job you want/area you want to live in or that thing you desire the most are you willing to go all out for it even if your family is going to be tempted by it. How? That Ivy league school you want your kids to go that has a drug problem because the kids that go there parents aren’t around because they’re to busy making an excessive amount of money to keep up with a certain life style but you want your kids to go there because it’s elite.

Do you put your spouse in a position to doubt her self-worth because she’s surrounded by women who go shopping all day as a hobby so in order to feel worth she splurge on things when she financially can’t afford it. When these things happen do you totally blame your kids if they experiment or your wife for splurging or do you take partial responsibility for putting them in that situation!!!! There are so many other scenarios you could plug-in here that would fit and you could change it from husband to wife or parents to children….

Please understand that there’s nothing wrong with wanting stability and nice things for your family but we must weigh the environment we surround our families around that could make somethings more difficult for them to fight or overcome.

Here’s something to think about. Where did Lot’s daughter’s learn the behavior/getting their father intoxicated and the immoral acts? They learned it in SODOM right where their father had them. …GRATEFUL for life lessons like LOTS.

watch and pray



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