Being a mother is a blessing from the Lord!! So embrace even the tough moments!! Happy Mothers Day!!!

McSellers Thought Of The Day


Having children can sometimes be a handful because there’s so many stages of life you have to walk with them through and many things you have to teach them along the way. As they go through the baby, toddler and teenager stages at some point you may fill like parenting can just be too much.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming because of the pressure we put on ourselves because we want them to grow up to be model citizens in this world and if we’re believers in Christ we usually put double pressure on ourselves because we want to make sure first, that we have it all together or pretend to have it all together hoping that they guess what? Have it all together. But the great news is that we don’t have to have it all together. What we do have to do though is trust God through every…

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