It’s so important to speak life in others and encourage their gifts. I was watching one of my favorite movies ratatouille the other night and saw the passion that Remy had for cooking and the gift of being able to smell ingredients in food. He was so excited and his brother Emile didn’t have that gift and could care less about the ingredients but he listened to his brother and encouraged him by not rejecting his gift.

His father on the other hand didn’t care about his gift or his ability discouraging him until that gift saved him and after that instead of encouraging his son in that gift he used his son for his gift which no longer made him happy about the gift but instead saddened him. In the end he eventually excelled in his gift living out his dream.

We need to make sure we as spouses, parents, friends encourage each other in our gifts because that could be a deciding factor in them stepping out in their gift or despising their gift especially if we take advantage of their gift instead of embracing their gift.


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