Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Every year during police week roughly over 40,000 police officers from all across the world come into Dc to honor their fellow brothers and sisters. Every now and then especially with all that has been going on they need a pick me up.

They need to hear a word of encouragement, they need to hear a word on how to handle the stress of work and family life to include marriage. They need to know that what their going through their not alone and that you have brothers and sisters to walk with.

They need to know that if they have a relationship with our heavenly father no matter what happens they have an eternal home. The fact that ‪#‎JesusChangesEverything‬.

My fellow dear friend and brother in Christ Shaun Alexander is helping me get the word out about the RISE CHRISTIAN POLICE CONFERENCE and I need you too.


You can do that too by sharing the fliers attached at the bottom and telling every LEO you know sharing this post or what-ever you can think of. It truly could be a life changing moment for them, their families, agencies and communities. Last year not only did we have officers renew their lives to Christ we also had some accept him for the first time and even get baptized!!


The theme for the Conference is RELATIONSHIPS with family, co-workers, community and most importantly the Lord. Our keynote speaker is the actor Kevin Downes from the movie Courageous/Mom’s Night Out and the producer of Woodlawn the movie.

Courageous scene with Kevin Downes

Can you help me get the word out about this conference near DC during Police Week? If you’re LEO, or know someone in LEO let them know and encourage them to register along with their spouses because this Isn’t only for the LEO’S but their spouses also. One last thing. If you’re a Law Enforcement officer in Virginia DCJS has partnered with us and have agreed to give in-service credits for those attending this conference!

The link with more info and to register is http://www.parkvalleychurch.com/rise.


Spread the Word!!


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