No matter how much someone try to deny the truth it doesn’t change the fact that it all started in the beginning.
Every time you have to work hard in the field to make a living Adam is right there.

Every time you wake up in morning sickness and go through labor pain Eve is right there.

Ever time you feel no respect or love in your marriage along with division Adam and Eve are right there.

Every time a child is lost physically and spiritually Adam and Eve is right there.

Every time someone gets angry, envious or commit murder Cain is right there.

Every time you forgive someone, love on someone, encourage someone, spend time with someone without looking for something in return, have a convicting heart the spirit of God is right there and has been from the beginning of time.

We can’t deny the fact that every area of our life is in some way shape or form connected to the beginning,


From the beginning and through the unbelief, hurt, anger, pain, doubts, fear and sin he’s still calling your name!!


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