Every Sunday during the National Football Season we root for our team or the players we most admire. When they’re doing good we praise them and when they’re doing bad we criticize them. Sometimes we even say negative things about them even though we don’t know them personally. I’ve seen people make negative comments about players if they lose a fantasy football who don’t have a great game for what-ever reason call them ever name under the sun. They just like us have life situations that they deal with good and bad during the season and during off-season. Some are dealing with believe it or not financial situations, divorce, missing their children special events and holidays. But believe it or not there’s a lot of them just like us who love Jesus and their lives reflect it on and off the field. Take a moment and click the video link below How NFL running back puts feet to his faith.

The story you just watched is a story about one of my great friends. A young man who loves the Lord to the fullest and everything he does is about giving glory to God and bring others closer to him. A young man who takes time out to help and serve others, helping me a long with my brother and strong follower of Christ Shaun Alexander raise money for Special Olympics.


A young man who prayers before,during and after each game giving God the glory no matter what the outcome is. (Shaun prayed too)
fAith on the field


A young man who was asked by a little league baseball team his rookie year when he scores a touchdown to do a baseball swing which now is his famous touchdown baseball swing.


A young man who faced a difficult season due to the fact this year was his contract year getting limited carries because of the business side of the game but didn’t complain instead stayed committed through out keeping his focus on Jesus. Now the seasons over and even though not knowing what’s in store for him next during free agency and his family he’s still totally trusting God through it all while leaning on verses like Proverbs 3:5-6 5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;6 in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.

We don’t know where God is going to send him next, but if it’s not here even though my son his going to miss shooting hoops with him he knows God always have the best plan.


And even though we had to say good-bye last week as they headed out of the area due to the end of the season going into next season. One thing is for sure no matter if it’s here or somewhere else one thing we know is that the Morris family future is bright because they love God and no matter where they go. The State, City, The Team and the community will be blessed why? Because there’s going to be great faith on the field!!!


I wrote this to let you know that they’re followers of Jesus who line up ever season on the field who deal with real life issues just like you and I, that’s reality and not fantasy like (fantasy football) and through it all TRUST JESUS TO SEE THEM THROUGH!!

And if some how number #46 end up on your team, you’re not only going to get great football player, but a great character young man on and off the field in your community to root for!!!

proverbs 3 5


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