Satan knows that if he can attack or destroy marriage he can affect the family. He loves to plant lies in marriage and one of those lies is busyness. So you’re asking what are the lies being spoken in marriage about busyness? Well I’m glad you asked.

Busyness Lies to marriage
1.The more busy you are the more productive you are.
2. You’re busy so you’re important.
3. No one can do it without you.
4. It’s ok you’re trying to make life better for your family.
5. More money less problems
6. You’ll have more to talk about later

But here’s the truth Busyness doesn’t tell your Marriage
1. I will grow you apart.
2. I will cause you to become stressed and depressed.
3. Everything around you will become affected.
4. Loneliness will come
5. All the things you worked hard for that you thought would sub-stain your family and bring joy won’t bring joy if you don’t have those around you that you wanted to in the first place. Now it’s all meaningless. The big house you wanted you sit in alone and all the material things you bought now have lost their value.
6. Time is worth more than rubies and gold.
7. Memories are made not with things but time spent.

Marriage is a gift that God has given us so it’s time to stop putting everything else before it. In the bible we can clearly see that everything came after this gift.

One flesh

Cain and Able ( represents our children) weren’t created before the marriage of Adam and Eve, friends,family and hobbies also weren’t created before marriage but all came after it. Even though Adam’s job of naming all the animals in the guardian came before Eve, he wasn’t satisfied or enjoyed it until after their union. Adam’s job alone didn’t complete him, but being united with Eve did.

So let’s stop putting busyness, our children, careers, goals, friends, hobbies and others before our marriage because, marriage is the most important and most intimate relationship we will every have outside of our relationship with Christ. When our Marriage is in the right order everything works its self out, but when our marriage is out-of-order don’t be surprised if every other area in your life is also! Remember when you found your spouse you found love, so make sure they know that’s still true!!!



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