Sometimes it’s good to be reminded on what it truly mean to have the Lord with us. So what does the Lord was with truly mean? What does it really mean for us to have the Lord walk with us? Lets take a look into God’s word to see.

McSellers Thought Of The Day

GOD FOR USIt’s truly a great feeling in life when you have those close to you walk with you through the good and bad things in your life. To know that you don’t have to walk this journey in life alone can help up lift you through the bad times and bring you joy in the good times. We can easily see how things can turn out if you feel like you’re on this journey of life all by yourself. All we have to do is turn on the news or open up the news paper and you’ll see the numerous amount of people who felt alone and decided to take their life. This sense of loneliness enters every type of social group, ethnic group, religious group, age group and it doesn’t care about your financial status or job title in your life.

As I look back through some of my past…

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