Marriages are struggling more now than ever before and because of that God put on my heart to look at 25 couples in the bible and see what they brought to their marriage. The good the bad and the ugly and how through it all they survived. There’s so much we can learn and take from them and I’m so excited to share. I”ll start with the qualities that Boaz as a husband and Ruth as a wife brought into their marriage.

1. He was a man of standing and great character.
Ruth 2:1 a man of standing from the clan of Elimelek, whose name was Boaz.

2. He was a great leader/boss and was always looking to bless others.
Ruth 2: 4 Just then Boaz arrived from Bethlehem and greeted the harvesters, “The Lord be with you!”
“The Lord bless you!” they answered.

3. He was a husband that provided for his wife.
Ruth 2:14 At mealtime Boaz said to her, “Come over here. Have some bread and dip it in the wine vinegar.”When she sat down with the harvesters, he offered her some roasted grain. She ate all she wanted and had some left over.

4. He spoke kindly to her and provided her comfort, a husband with a kind heart.
Ruth 2:13: You have given me comfort and have spoken kindly.

5. He refused to embarrass her or allow others to embarrass her in front of others.
Ruth 2:15 As she got up to glean, Boaz gave orders to his men, “Let her gather among the sheaves and don’t embarrass her. 16 Even pull out some stalks for her from the bundles and leave them for her to pick up, and don’t rebuke her.”

6. He thought of her with value not wanting any other man to touch her.
Ruth 2:9 I have told the men not to lay a hand on you. And whenever you are thirsty, go and get a drink from the water jars the men have filled.”

1. A woman who was not only committed but loyal to those she loved.
Ruth 1:16 But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.

2. A woman who wasn’t afraid to work hard or get dirty.
Ruth 2:3 So she went out, entered a field and began to glean behind the harvesters.

3. A woman who served others and had a heart to share her blessings with others.
Ruth 2:17-18 17 So Ruth gleaned in the field until evening. Then she threshed the barley she had gathered, and it amounted to about an ephah. 18 She carried it back to town, and her mother-in-law saw how much she had gathered. Ruth also brought out and gave her what she had left over after she had eaten enough.

4. A woman who cared about her appearance and smell.
Ruth 3:3 She washed and perfumed herself and put on her best clothes.

5. A woman who was kind and of noble character and everyone knew it.
Ruth 3:11 11 And now, my daughter, don’t be afraid. I will do for you all you ask. All the people of my town know that you are a woman of noble character.

6. A woman who was blessed they those around her.
Ruth 4:11 11 Then the elders and all the people at the gate said, “We are witnesses. May the Lord make the woman who is coming into your home like Rachel and Leah, who together built up the family of Israel.

So Ruth had a husband who provided for her, comforted her, spoke kind to her, who cherished her one of good character who refused to embarrass her or allow others to hurt her.

Boaz had a wife who was loyal and committed, not afraid to work hard for what she wanted, thoughtful of others, who took time out and cared about her smell and her appearance. A wife that was a blessing not only to him but everyone she came in contact with. A wife of noble character.


If your marriage is struggling just know with Gods help you can get it back to the way it belongs.




  1. I love your analogies of Ruth and Boaz! Good writing. My husband and I are involved in the marriage ministry in our church and we see so many marriages falling apart and dissolving within Christendom. It is sad. If we can all walk as Boaz and Ruth, our marriages would tell the great message of reconciliation to the world!


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