There’s so much power in prayer but what happens is we get so busy with life that we complain more than pray,this I’m guilty of. This is a great reminder for me and challenge I will take up once again. Will you?

McSellers Thought Of The Day

I love sharing things especially what God put on my heart. This may bless someone like I believe it will me. A lot of times we pray reactive instead of proactive. We pray after the situation instead of before a situation occur. I believe we sometimes truly forget the power of prayer and that we just don’t truly pray enough. When Jesus went up on the Mount of Olives to pray he encouraged the disciples three times to pray that they not fall into temptation because he knew how powerful prayer was that he came back three times saying the same thing after they fell asleep.

I truly believe the father of the prodigal son in the Book of Mark prayed without ceasing and was rewarded with his son back. The church prayed in the Book of acts over and over and Peter chains fell off and he was free…

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