Are you in the process of making a life changing decision? What if Zarephath never decided to feed Elijah out of fear of her and her son dying? What if Elijah after being rejected by this widow moved on from Zarephath and her son still became sick?

McSellers Thought Of The Day

proverbs 3 5Every day someone’s making decisions that could be life changing, impacting the present and also the future. These life changing decisions we make began thousands of years ago. Thousands of years ago Adam and Eve decided to eat off the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil. This decision they made thousands of years ago still has an impact on us today. Pharaoh decided not to let the Israelite’s go when we has commanded by God and that decision not only cost him his life, but it also cost those closely connected to him their lives.

There are many more stories in the Bible just like this but there is one story I would like to focus on. It’s a story about a widow in Zarephath who had to make a tough decision. The decision that she faced was a life and death decision. The Lord sent the prophet…

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