It’s always pays giving up completely everything that God has called us to never looking back trusting that if he said it then we will come out better in the end than if we chose not to.

McSellers Thought Of The Day

When God gives us instructions to get rid of something completely sometimes we wrestle with his instructions trying to justify why we didn’t completely give up what he asked us to. So what kind of things God may ask us to give up that we may struggle with? He may ask us to walk away from a relationship because he knows it’s not good for us. Instead of walking away completely from that individual we continue to associate with them only to find ourselves back into the relationship and it turns bad. We have seen relationships like that turn into domestic situations or even worse because someone couldn’t give it up completely. God might ask you to give up working for the company you work for because its practices are unethical but you wrestle with that because it produces a lot of money only to have the company fall and…

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