When we trust in the Lord in all circumstances it allows us to be rewarded and him to be glorified.

McSellers Thought Of The Day

TRUST 1 As a Christian sometimes trusting God all the time can be difficult. We desire to trust him in all things but sometimes our flesh gets in the way. As I was in God’s word he showed me the type of trust in him we need to desire to have. That type of trust is the type of trust that Jonathan’s armor-bearer had in him and the type of trust Jonathan had in God. Jonathan trusted God to the point that he believed with just him and his armor-bearer that they could take down the Philistines.

When Jonathan brought this thought to his armor-bearer he could have easily looked at him funny thinking in his mind are you kidding me. Nope that’s not what he did instead he basically said let’s do it. What I find fascinating is that he totally trusted Jonathan and just like that we sometimes trust people…

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