A life lived without a purpose, is a wasted life. But a life, lived in him for his purpose, is a life in the end, we all can be proud of. ~Michael J. McSellers~

McSellers Thought Of The Day

There are so many stories heard around the world of people with extraordinary gifts. These people usually use their gift to make a change in the world. No matter what their professions is they really received satisfaction from being able to use their gift. There are people we have personally known that also have special gifts. I think about some special gifts my wife and children have. My wife has the special gift of hospitality. She loves to bring people together and have fun through parties and she loves to feed people having them over for dinner. My daughter has the gift of leadership; she also has the gift of drawing which I surely know she didn’t get from my wife or me. When I think about my son, he can make anyone laugh even on their worst day because of his sense of humor.

When it comes to dealing…

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