ISAIAH 57 10Have you ever struggled with self-doubt? Are you struggling with self-doubt? What is self-doubt? Self Doubt: lack of confidence in the reliability of one’s own motives, personality, thought, etc.

Just know that Satan is the master surgeon implanting self-doubt in our mind. He is very skilled at this and has been doing this for a long time. He implanted self-doubt in Adam and Eve’s mind questioning their likeness to God. They already had the knowledge of good and evil but he had them believe GOD was holding something back from them. He had Abram and Sarai doubt that they could have children at their old age. He had Moses doubting he was qualified enough to lead the Israelite’s out of Egypt. He had Samuel doubting it was God who was calling him in the middle of the night. He had Jonah doubting that he could truly have any impact on the people of Nineveh. He had the disciples doubting that they could cast out demons and heal with the same power as Jesus. The good news is they all overcame the self-doubt of SATAN.

They all excluding Adam and Eve represented Isaiah 57:10 You wearied yourself by such going about, but you would not say, ‘It is hopeless.’ You found renewal of your strength, and so you did not faint.

What self-doubt is SATAN implanting in your mind? Or you going to allow him to cause you to follow in the steps of Adam and Eve? Or are you going to respond back in an Isaiah 57:10 way?

I can’t miss this opportunity so if your reading this now and you don’t have a relationship with the Lord please don’t exit before doing so because Jesus wants to do something that you can’t do yourself and that is save you. If your willing to allow Jesus to become your personal savior say this prayer. Pray Lord I confess with my mouth that you are Lord and believe in my heart that you rose from the dead for my sins. I ask for forgiveness of my sins and ask that you come into my heart teaching me and guiding me in the way that I should live in Jesus name I pray Amen!!! If you said this prayer and you meant it from your heart you are now saved by the blood of Jesus!!


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