I have two testimonies that I must share with everyone. It’s totally an amazing God thing that happened this morning. Testimony #1- In 2011 God put a deep desire on my heart to go and speak to the juveniles at the Detention Center to try to encourage them and share with them my life story. I remember speaking to Mrs. Mack saying that I hope that they could see past the uniform and receive what I was trying to share. I made contact with the Juvenile Detention Center and set up a date to come in and speak. They told me I would be the first Police Officer to ever come in and do that. On December 27th 2011 I went in and spoke to about 40 juveniles. I told them how I grew up with out a father and was told that I was told before that i would never be anything. But by Gods grace I proved everyone wrong and went into the Marines and obtain several awards and became a State Trooper and met several Presidents and dignitaries. This same kid from the inner city made it out.

So I encouraged them not to be held down by their current situation and that they too. Could overcome. I remember leaving they’re thinking no one probably paid any attention to me because of the uniform that I was wearing one that put them in there. I remember thinking and telling Mrs. Mack if only one just received what I said that’s all that matter. So let me share what happened today!!!! I was at church sending our team off the Washington IL, when a young man walked up to me and introduced himself to me. We asked me if I was ever in the Marine Corps and I said yes wondering how he knew that. He then told me that he was waiting on his date to leave because he is also going into the Marine Corps.

I said that is awesome the Marines need good Marines like yourself. He then looked at me and said, about two years ago you came to speak at the juvenile detention center telling your life story. I was there because of a wrong choice I made and I just wanted to let you know that impacted my life. I remember seeing your face and it looked like you where probably thinking no one was listening. I just wanted you to know that this one (me) was listening. I was stunned and shocked when he told me that. Two years later, God showed me that my obedience to him made a difference. I’m still speechless!!!

Testimony #2 I have a co-worker I’ve worked with 10 years who doesn’t believe in God. I respect that and just continue to try to be encouraging to him when I can. I also just try to let my life reflection be something that would make him think differently. I invited him out to church once and he said no. I was cool with that. Well in June I went to Oklahoma with my church to assist with the tornado. I sent out supply request to the office for the trip to Illinois. I always told him if he ever wanted to come and visit just let me know and I would be sure to be there. Here is the kicker!!! This morning about an hour ago he sent me a text asking if I was working this morning. I said yes!!! The next text asked if tonight would be a good night to come out and visit my church!!!! Say what!!! I was blown away!! I’m blown away about the things that have taken place today. Never stop being obedient to God because it always pay off. And never stop sharing his love with those who don’t won’t it because you never know that day when they being to receive it out of the love of Christ that you share!!!!!

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