There are so many stories heard around the world of people with extraordinary gifts. These people usually use their gift to make a change in the world. No matter what their professions is they really received satisfaction from being able to use their gift. There are people we have personally known that also have special gifts. I think about some special gifts my wife and children have. My wife has the special gift of hospitality. She loves to bring people together and have fun through parties and she loves to feed people having them over for dinner. My daughter has the gift of leadership; she also has the gift of drawing which I surely know she didn’t get from my wife or me. When I think about my son, he can make anyone laugh even on their worst day because of his sense of humor.

When it comes to dealing with adding and subtracting big numbers when I have any doubts I just ask my son, because he has a gift with numbers. Some of us might even know someone who we believe possess a special gift but fail to us it. Some of us might even wish we had the gift the other person possess. We might even say, if I had their gift, there is no way I would let it go to waste. Only failing to realize the special gift or gifts we possess. We look around looking for something someone else has, but miss what we possess.

I truly believe that we are all put on this earth with different gifts and for different purposes. So the question is what happens to our gifts when we don’t use them? Well there is story in the Bible that kind of shows us what happens. ” In Matthew Chapter 25 there is a parable about a master who gives 3 of his servants’ talents which probably relates to money. I’m going to tell you what I see, when I read it and how it affects us in other areas of our lives. So in the story one servant gets 5 talents and produces 5 more, while the master is gone. The 2nd servant was given 2 talents and he produced 2 more talents, while the master was gone. Then you had one servant who received one talent, and did not produce any extra while his master was gone. So the master doubled the first two servants talents, because he was pleased and the last servant because he did not produce any, he took his away and gave it away!!!

Here is my take on this. God gives us gifts and abilities to advance his Kingdom. Some take their gifts, and increase on what God already gave them. Then others just let their talent and gifts given to them waste away. So their gifts and talents are worthless!!! So God goes and find someone else with that same talent that you’re wasting, and he use them instead to advance his work. So that talent that you have might as well be taken away because it’s useless!!!! I will end this blog with my quote!!! This quote refers to people who go through life living it without a purpose. When they finally leave this earth and they look back on it, if you could ask them, they probably would say they wasted it. Then there are those who live there life with a purpose. The purpose that it was designed for and when they finally look back on their life, it’s a life they could be proud of.

A life lived without a purpose, is a wasted life. But a life, lived in him for his purpose, is a life in the end, we all can be proud of. ~Michael J. McSellers~




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